Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sleeping For All These Years.

I was chatting with a college friend on Monday. The subject settled on work eventually. She didn't have much to say about her job. I didn't have much to say about school. We fill our days with static, it seems.

And then a guy named Nick Principe who records under the moniker LittleBear emailed me about a new EP that he recorded in upstate New York, and about how afterwards he went where the music took him, literally:

"Upon finishing the record, Principe packed his studio and his belongings into a car and drove across the country, taking the northern route and finally landing in sunny Santa Cruz, California. Now, in a new town on a new coast, Principe begins work on LittleBear's debut LP."

LittleBear - Smaller Trees

It makes me want to get in the car, and drive and drive.

LittleBear's first LP is still in the works, but you can download the EP on Principe's myspace page, for frees.

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