Friday, September 12, 2008

Movies and the Runway

I wasn't really planning on seeing The Family That Preys just yet, even without the impending cataclysmic hurricane coming our way. But I may reconsider, since it does have two of my favorites, Sanaa Lathan and Alfre Woodard. Woodard talked to Premiere Magazine about the film and being a working actress in today's Hollywood, as well as about her support of Obama:

You've been very active in the Democratic Party. How do you feel about this presidential race?
"I have been on the road with Barack Obama for over a year now — I mean, literally, on the road, when I'm not on the set. I'm one of the national surrogates. I took off to do that because I've been involved with elections and politics since I was ten, with my parents. You've got to. You must. If you're a citizen, you're alive and especially if you're a person of color, you can't get anything out. I came from the left to the center to meet Barack. He was talking consensus. Everything he's done, his whole life, has been about consensus. He's going to help us get out of the pit, the fire that the Bush administration has gotten us into. For the first time, I'm working for something rather than against something. We're working to forestall something. McCain really showed his colors, how much he put his country first, how much a maverick he is, when he placed Sarah Palin on that ticket. But that's a different conversation."

[more at Premiere]

Tell it.


Jezebel has footage of the Project Runway shows from Fashion Week. Korto's daughter is adorb.

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