Monday, August 4, 2008

"This Will Be Our Year"

Sadly, this will not be Georgie James's year. Nor will any subsequent years for that matter.

P4k reports that the blond haired wide eyed duo has broken up. Judging from the note that they left on their website, the split appears to be amicable, but it's still a bummer. Their debut album, Places, is a royal flush of crisp pop songs that is best when listened to from start to finish, a rare find in the 'singles only' climate of late.

I think I listened to Places the most out of all the CDs I brought with me on the plane ride to Ghana. They kept me company while the British fellow to my right kept falling asleep on my sweater sleeve, and for that I will be forever grateful.

This is one of my favorite Georgie James' songs:

Georgie James - Look Me Up

I really would have liked to have seen where these two were going to go with their sound. As far as the future goes, Laura Burhenn is continuing on with her solo career, and John Davis has started a new group.

Here are the two singing a cover of The Zombies' "This Will Be Our Year:"

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