Saturday, July 26, 2008

I am My Mother's Daughter

"My plan to not become my mother has worked out about as well for me as it does for everyone, which is to say it mostly hasn't at all."[via Jezebel]

Jezebel had a brills post up yesterday, that asks, "when did you discover that you'd morphed into your mom?"

The writer wonders this after realizing that she's inherited her mother's tendency to clean the house whenever she faces a hardship. It's funny because my mom is the same way. I think she even said that cleaning her house was a "hobby."

I've found that I've become a mix of both of my parents. I actually think it would have been nice if I inherited my mother's neat freak tendencies, her attention to detail hang ups, and her faith.
Instead, I think I've gotten the worry wart gene, the deflect-and-avoid people/things I don't like chromosome, and the stubborn pride hand me down.

I suppose it could be worse.

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