Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hotter than July

Here's some new music for summer that is, possibly, hotter than HOUSTON in July. I know, it's really hot in herrrrrre, but believe it.

Earlimart's Mentor Tormentor was one of my most listened to albums of last year. Their latest record, Hymn and Her, is out today and offers more of the same quietly moving fare that was so effective on Mentor.

Earlimart - Song For

There are many reasons for why CSS rocks so hard. Having a lead singer named Lovefoxxx, an all around 'who gives' attitude, and precocious DIY style are some of them. Their upcoming album, Donkey, seems a little more polished and less strung out than their last record, but I think I'll still give it a try when it's released later this month.

CSS - Rat is Dead (Rage)

I think I listened to Albert Hammond Jr.'s Yours to Keep for an entire fall. Something about the easygoing songwriting and guitar playing seemed apt for crunchy leaves and sweater weather. But Hammond and his band sound a little louder and forthright on their latest record, Como Te Llama, out next week. After listening to first single, "GfC," I think it's a welcome change.

Albert Hammond Jr. - GfC

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