Thursday, July 10, 2008

College Radio Stations

These should be in heavy rotation, listen up:

Folk rock singer/songwriter Thomas Bryan Eaton writes lyrics that cut like a knife, but string instruments and sunny backing vocals give them an endearing softer edge.

Thomas Bryan Eaton - Naked Ear

Thomas's new album, Dreams, Demons, and Butterflies, comes out later this week.


Emanuel Ayvas is a young piano composer who is also the ringleader of indie orchestra band Emanuel and the Fear. I think of Ben Folds when I listen to this live version of a song from E and the Fear's upcoming debut album, it has a touch of Foldian whimsy but is also well-structured and conceived like his records.

Emanuel and the Fear - Dear Friend (Live)

E and the Fear are playing some shows in New York this summer.

So it turns out that Thomas is from my college town in upstate New York. These days, it doesn't take much to get me thinking about college, but I can totally imagine listening to Thomas and the Fear on my fave college radio station WCIB while trudging my way up the hill to hang out with friends in Club Uris, sippin' on some chai tea and munching on vegan pumpkin bread, dreaming up some Felicity-like drama in my life but without the infinitely interesting love triangle, and forever delaying the inevitable papers and problem sets that would be needed to complete my degree. Eventually.

Good times.


Mary said...

I feel the nostalgia too. Lying on top of Olin with my ipod on, watching the clouds, and delaying homework. I went to my first concert with you! And who can forget how scratching Phantom Planet lyrics into the doodlepad (might I add, BEFORE everyone heard them on The O.C.) could have sparked all of this? Life is cool.

Sofiblu said...

The doodle pad!!!! I miss the doodle pad!