Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Asali Solomon

"I threw a party, and nobody from school came. With Nadja, I had someone to sit and eat with, and somebody in the world besides my grandpa Theo called my house to speak to me.

Sometimes on Fridays after school I went over to Nadja’s, where we’d listen to the Power Four at Four on Power 99, and she’d teach me the new dances she’d learned from the older girls who lived on her block. Each of those afternoons, just before six o’clock, we’d turn off the music, dab away our sweat, and spread our books out on the dining-room table. Nadja’s mother believed that dancing was for adults and that secular music was from Satan. Those were the days of Rick James and of Prince’s “Erotic City,” so I guess she was right."

--from "Twelve Takes Thea," by Asali Solomon

I went to the library today, to read a prep book for school, but instead I pored over the latest O Magazine. In addition to reading about Ben Affleck's affection for the Holy Book of Matthew, I learned about a delightful author named Asali Solomon.

And then instead of reading for school, I read a short story by Solomon called "Twelve Takes Thea" from her superb story collection, Get Down (that you can also read here). And then that was so fantastic that I had to look into borrowing the book from the library. And then I totally forgot about reading for school altogether.

Solomon is currently working on her debut novel, entitled Disgruntled.

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