Thursday, June 12, 2008

Women Like Movies!

Mark Harris's EW column this week, about making movies that matter to women, is delish. I've seen some splendid films with strong, substantial female characters recently; Being Julia, Meet the Browns, and In Her Shoes, and I can't tell you how refreshing they were. Now that movie execs realize that hey! women DO go to the movies! I hope there'll be more where these come from.

But when?

When a successful actress says that even she considers the traditional storylines and roles given to women to be insipid and trite? Is that when the movie industry will get a clue? Hm...

"Given the old Mark Twain maxim that history doesn't repeat itself but it sometimes rhymes, in 2008 can Hollywood executives once again look at America and say, ''There's an audience out there that we're not serving, and they're hungry''? If not, perhaps they can at least glance in the mirror and realize how silly that expression of permanent surprise is starting to look."

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