Sunday, June 22, 2008

We Can Have it All

We're in the thick of wedding season. This weekend we drove to Corpus Christi to attend ceremony #4. The bride is a childhood friend of my mother's, and she's really great. She's fiercely independent -- she named her daughter after herself, because, she says, 'men get to do it all of the time, why can't I?' -- I think she was the original Lorelai. She's had great success in her career, and she is highly respected among her colleagues and her community.

Standing near the waterfront, teary eyed and gushing as my mother's friend wedded for the third time, I wondered if it was possible. The elusive 'trifecta' a boss once explained to me while I lived in New York; having the brilliant job, the brilliant relationship, and the brilliant apartment (or house), all at the same time.

Can we ever have it all? I really hope so.

Ra Ra Riot - Suspended in Gaffa

So you might be counting down the days until Ra Ra Riot's debut full-length album comes out in August, but did you know that you could see them for free at this year's Siren Fest? Yizzurp.

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