Wednesday, June 4, 2008

This Is Where We Are

So this is where we are today. And it's really so amazing, it blows my mind.

I got an email that a band called Ravens and Chimes [pictured] are currently touring, and then I was like 'Whoa, who are these Ravens and what do they have to do with Chimes?'

Well R and C mostly make offbeat, narratives about the city I love (the band met while attending NYU.) The group's new album, Reichenbach Falls, opens with this epic rousing number that sounds a lot like a certain Canadian band who shares R and C's affinity for using the glockanspiel. But I'd like to think that the Ravens are able to stand on their own merit. They've made one helluva record.

Ravens and Chimes - This is Where We Are

and Ravens and Chimes-ette Abe recently started a blog called, "Things the Real World Williamsburg Should Do." Ha!

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Mary said...

Wow, I didn't know that blog was written by this girl!