Friday, June 20, 2008

Jazmine Sullivan

Last night on the ride back home, I heard this siren's voice coming through my car radio. Her name is Jazmine Sullivan [pictured], she's appeared on Showtime at the Apollo and written songs for Christina Millian, and now she's about to release her debut album on J Records. The sheer power and character of her vocals hits you like the first time you heard Mary J. on What's the 411 or Lauryn Hill on Miseducation (people tend to compare her to the latter actually. I kind of see it.) Coupled with a sick dub beat provided by Missy Elliott, and this has really become my song for the moment:

Jazmine Sullivan - Need U Bad

Speaking of a musical genius named Missy, yesterday Jezebel wondered why women artists aren't labeled musical geniuses as often as their male counterparts. They suggested that it had something to do with the lack of female music writers covering the industry today, something I agree with, but they bring up some other valid points that can be found here.


Anonymous said...

Jessica "Mz Shorty P" Abraham of Shorty Produkshins is named Executive Producer of five Summer Projects internationally released from the SandStreet Music/ Murphy Boyz Entertainment Label. Sands Street is also part of Bungalo/ Universal Music Group. She was brought in by Five-Time Platinum Selling, Grammy Award Winners, Burn 'N' Bush AKA The Newton Twins to become the Executive Producer on this project. So, make sure you check out the following project:

One of Five Current Releases Include:

The Burn 'N' Bush Sessions with single release by Jazmine Sullivan.

Burn 'N' Bush are the brains and souls of this project. The Newton Twins are the embodiment of this production duo and at it again with the Burn 'N' Bush Sessions. Burn 'N' Bush is known primarily with the work they have done with Lauryn Hill, Nelly, Christina Aguilera, John Legend and other respected artists in the industry. They are also 5-time Platinum Grammy Award Winners. Burn 'N' Bush Sessions make you want to just lay on your bed, your couch, or sit in your car to listen to this project over and over. This is the first single off of the album to follow, including singles from J. Michael and Jazmine Sullivan. 

Jazmine is known for the recent, Reggae-inspired release featuring Missy Elliot, entitled "Need U Bad." If you think that this girl could sing that song, you need to hear her in this soulful single that is a sure hit, entitled "Season 2 Love." It is available for purchase in the following Online music stores:

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Jazzman said...

Great music, love this girl.