Saturday, March 1, 2008

She Did it Her Way

The Times has a great profile of former Gilmore Girls exec producer and show creator Amy Sherman-Palladino about her new upcoming series for television. The show is called "The Return of Jezebel James," and centers around indie darling Parker Posey and Six Feet Under's Lauren Ambrose who play sisters.

I'm really glad to see this lady doing work again. There aren't a lot of women doing what she does in Hollywood, and I think that she has a remarkably unique voice that needs to be heard. Can't wait to see the new show.


TimK said...

I too am really glad to see Amy's work coming again to the screen. Gilmore Girls taught me more about how to tell a great story than any other single source. I've been looking forward to it for almost a year now. And now, just watching the Jezebel James clips, I'm jonesing for March 14.

Thanks a load for the link to the NYTimes article. I'm going to post a link on my Jezebel James site.


Mary said...

I am so excited about this series. I adore Parker Posey!