Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Rock With U

I'm not really a fan of the overuse of text message lingo. Is it so hard to actually write "you," "to," and "for" these days?
I am, however, a huge fan of Janet Jackson's new song, "Rock with U," the second single off of her album, Discipline. I heard it for the first time in a BET Access Granted with Jackson that aired tonight and was blown away.

Janet Jackson - Rock With U

Ann Powers of the LA Times likes "Rock With U" too. And does a much better job at explaining the song's amazingness than I ever could:

"The song pays homage to her beloved brother Michael's glimmering early hit of the same name without directly sampling it. Instead, the co-writers -- Ne-Yo, Dupri and Atlanta house-music producer Eric Stamile -- create a sonic meditation on what Michael (and Janet, and all of us) have lost since those sweet last days of disco.

Building on the original's bed of synthesized chord changes, Team Janet layers in swirling keyboards, vocoder whispers and the singer's own distended murmurs; the effect is the gentlest time travel ever accomplished. The song's opening line, "Strobe lights make everything sexier," seems ridiculous -- until you remember the rainbow strobes that made Michael seem like a glitter angel in that image-defining video."

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Hunter Wry said...

Janet was on Kimmel last night and she was also shown teaching Larry King how to dance.

Now there's something I'd like laser removed from my memory.