Sunday, March 9, 2008

Je T'aime Tant

Although I am a fan of Before Sunrise, I did not expect to be as moved as I was by the film's sublime sequel, Before Sunset. And yet there I was on Saturday afternoon, balling my eyes out during the car scene.

Another thing I liked about this movie, besides the skill required to make one lengthy piece of dialogue play out so beautifully, and Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy's perfect chemistry, was the music. There's Nina Simone's playful "Just in Time" at the very end of the film, and some Julie Delpy originals sprinkled throughout, like this one

Julie Delpy - Je T'aime Tant

Delpy came out with an English/French solo album around the time Before Sunrise was released. It features this song and some other lovely folk tunes.

I hope they make another one of these in the next decade.


John said...

i actually think the second one is better! i find it way more intense.

#15 said...

I thought the second one was better too! though i love the first one alot. i like how celine and jesse talked about normal (mundane) every things about their lives but i was not bored at all!