Monday, March 31, 2008

Elsewheres is hosting an exclusive first listen of a new track off of Phantom Planet's upcoming album, due out in stores on April 15. Phantom Planet only recently re-entered my radar, after I heard about their tour date in Houston next month. The song, "Raise the Dead," is the title track from the album and is certainly a departure from the sunny So-Cal sounds of the group's sparkling breakout, The Guest. But I think I like it. I think.

Click here for a listen


Brooklyn Vegan informs that REM has done a Take Away Show with La Blogotheque, which I think is soooo rad! If you haven't heard about the series, it's a completely informal and casual but absolutely genius set up where artists of the moment take to the streets and perform their new material. Seasoned veterans usually don't take part, so I think it's really cool that Michael Stipe and co. did a set.

REM's new album, Accelerate drops tomorrow.

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