Sunday, February 10, 2008

It's a Good Day

It's true, it is a good day. School decisions are finally coming in, and so far so good :)

But on to music. My Life is a Stereo's friend Andrew Maury has made some more remixes, including a reworking of Jukebox the Ghost's piano-pop declaration, "Good Day." It's already a brilliant song, but the voice distortion brings it up a notch.

Jukebox the Ghost - Good Day (Andrew Maury remix)

It's a good day indeed, because Jukebox recently released their full-length debut Let Live and Let Ghosts, available for purchase on their Myspace page


You can snap up Andrew's other rad remixes over at his homepage


I know I've mentioned this before, but do check out Andrew's own band, Magic Hour. They really are too cool for school.

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