Thursday, February 14, 2008

Heart Strings

Kaki King - 2 O'Clock

This song from Guitar Goddess Kaki King's forthcoming album, Dreaming of Revenge, has constantly been on repeat around here for weeks now, and I thought it fitting to post about it on this Lovers' Day.
The amorous guitar and lyrics emoting over an unrequited love tug at the heartstrings just so.

Dreaming of Revenge is due out next month, and Kaki is currently on tour.

art from Tegan and Sara's So Jealous album cover


Hunter Wry said...

I never noticed this before, and, not to sound like a total bummer, but the album art looks like a blood clot :(

Which is oddly appropriate for vday, isn't it?

Sofiblu said...

Wow, never noticed it either! But I think you're right