Wednesday, February 13, 2008

15 Stepz

So according to BV, the cease-and-desist order has been lifted, and Oakland DJ Amplive is now able to share the fruits of his In Rainbows remix studio experiment with the world as nature intended. I really like the collab with Too $hort on the track, "Nudez," the lyrics have been retooled a bit and it's really great.

I know I've mentioned that this is my favorite song from the album, but who knew the remix would be my favorite too?

Amplive - 15 Stepz feat. Codany Holiday

The song doesn't veer that far away from the structure of Radiohead's original, except for the pulsing percussion and the sporadic electric guitar riff that makes itself known throughout the song. Bay Area soul singer Codany Holiday manages to upstage Thom Yorke on this one, dare I say his temperate falsetto reminds me of a young Luther? I think I will.

You can download another song by Holiday from his Myspace page, and download the entire Amplive Raindayz album here.

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