Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Anatomy of Melancholy

Jorge Macchi, Untitled (Cool love), 1997 Watercolor and pencil on paper 29 x 23 cm Collection of Luis Augusto Teixeira, Lisbon, Portugal

Strolled through the Blanton Art Museum yesterday. They have a sizable modern art collection , including pieces by Kehinde Wiley and Anselm Kiefer, with an apparent focus on the Latin American scene, which I think is very cool. The current headline exhibition, entitled "The Anatomy of Melancholy," surveys the work of a young artist from Argentina named Jorge Macchi. The piece above is actually quite uncharacteristic from the rest of the show, Macchi mostly dabbles with mixed media, newspaper clippings and intricate cut outs of maps in his pursuit to raise questions about the irrationality and isolation that comes along with the very modern and supposedly 'advanced' lives we lead. It's all very smart and precise and calculated, and I highly recommend.


ever wonder what Maureen Dowd was writing about in 1984? No, she wasn't attacking politicians, she was staying out late with Andy Warhol! And writing about it for the New York Times! What a job, eh? You have to pay to read the whole story (I thought Times Select was finito, no?) but you can read a snippet of Dowd's description of "sex evenings" at a Manhattan night club at Kottke.org. Thanks, Fishbowlny.

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