Wednesday, December 5, 2007

"What Kind of Music Do You Like?"

In his latest Esquire Magazine column, Chuck Klosterman manages to over-analyze this question in his deliciously neurotic way.

"When people at cocktail parties ask me what kind of music I like, I generally assume they don't care what my answer is. I assume we're both just killing time. But let's assume they do care: Even then, our conversation is doomed. I have been actively thinking about this question for nine consecutive days, and I've probably thought about it unconsciously for the last twenty years. I can isolate and answer this question more specifically than anyone I've ever met. Yet not only does my answer fail to reflect anything meaningful about my personality, it doesn't even reflect what I fundamentally like about music. Because I can't answer that question. Nobody can."

I disagree with Chuck on that one. I ask people what kind of music they listen to, because well, I'm listening to music all the time and that's often how bond with people. To find out what moves a person creatively. That matters.

Songs in the Key of Life, the cello, The Bends, Cameo, bass guitar, and Weezer's Blue Album are a few of my favorite sounds. To get to the why, I realize, there's no explaining the hodge-podge of musical discordant clutter in my head. But I do now how it makes me feel. And it makes me feel good.

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