Friday, December 7, 2007

Out of Town

When I like a record, it kind of stays with me for awhile. I listen to it all the time, mulling over the artist's words or choice of song order. A superb debut album by local musician Katie Stuckey has managed to consume my listening time at present.

Katie Stuckey - Gone Gone Gone

Some years ago, Stuckey moved to Los Angeles, to find her music career. But for a reason or two, it didn't work out. She got herself out of LA, and back home to Texas. Maybe that is what she needed to do in order to make the incredible record she was meant to. Since moving back, Stuckey and her band The Swagger have caught the Houston music scene by storm, and she recently won Best Female Vocalist and Best Folk/Acoustic honors at the 2007 Houston Press Music Awards. Going back to square one doesn't necessarily have to be the end. I see that now.

You can buy Katie's album at CDBaby or on iTunes. Katie recently did a podcast with the Chronicle, and a wonderful interview with Houstonist.

Katie Stuckey and the Swagger are playing at Rudyard's tonight. But then there's also the free Dimes show at SoundExchange. It's going to be a tough call...

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