Sunday, December 2, 2007

One Cup of Coffee

Today, I had the perfect cup of coffee. It was after a meal at a restaurant with Little Italy in its name. The waitress didn't even offer me cream, not that I would have taken it. A pinch of sugar is all I need. Maybe she knew. It was coffee to be enjoyed for coffee's sake.

I think I've become too accustomed to burnt stale coffee beans and watered down office concoctions.

I was looking for a song to commemorate my flavorful experience, and I found this in my iTunes.

Bob Marley - One Cup of Coffee

This is one of Marley's first singles in his pre-Jah enlightenment, even pre-Wailers days. He released it as a solo artist in 1962.

Disc One of the incredible Songs of Freedom Box Set contains many more songs from Marley's early career. The set as a whole is fantastic, you really get to see Marley's progression as an artist.


Hunter Wry said...

Oh there is nothing as fine as a the perfect cup of coffee!

Patrick said...

you also could have put either bob dylan's or the white stripes' version of "one more cup of coffee"

Sofiblu said...

I'll have to check those versions out, I'd be curious to see what Dylan does with the song