Wednesday, December 26, 2007

My Life is a Top Ten List

The -ist asked everyone to submit their top ten albums of the year, and I thought I'd make a blog post about mine. Now this is a completely subjective list, irrespective of album sales or radio airplay. These are just the albums I found myself listening to excessively this year. Read and discuss.

1. Feist – The Reminder

In 1967, it was the Summer of Love. In 2007, it was the Summer of Leslie Feist. You couldn’t go anywhere without hearing Feist’s wistful voice in a TV commercial or on the radio, and we wouldn’t have had it any other way. The talented chanteuse and multi-instrumentalist struck gold with her third full-length album “The Reminder,” reminding us of the sheer power of perfect hooks and solid pop songs. The record’s wide appeal landed Feist prized commercial deals and a Grammy nomination for Best New Artist. But the laurels haven’t damaged Feist’s indie cred; Feist still finds the time to jam with the Canadian sound collective Broken Social Scene and to perform with her old musical homies on occasion. Don't worry, she’s still Leslie from the block.

2. Amy Winehouse – Back to Black

3. White Rabbits – Fort Nightly

4. Ra Ra Riot - Ra Ra Riot EP

mp3: Ra Ra Riot - Each Year

5. Blonde Redhead – 23

6. “Once” original movie soundtrack

7. Nicole Atkins – Neptune City

mp3: Nicole Atkins - Party's Over

8. Radiohead – In Rainbows

mp3: Radiohead - Nude

9. Richard Hawley – Lady’s Bridge

10. Arcade Fire – Neon Bible


Hunter Wry said...


Your top 10 is more or less my top 10 :D. Which reminds me, I should prolly get on that before the year is up....

Sofiblu said...

Great minds think alike, friend :)

Mr. Frugal said...

great list...diddnt know anyone else liked ra ra riot