Thursday, December 20, 2007

David Gregory Wants to Move

Mary J. Blige is ‘Fine’
Mary J. Blige is ‘Fine’

So this video brings me joy, not only because Mary J. Blige kills in this performance, but also because NBC Washington DC correspondent David Gregory shows us what's really good about morning TV. And I'm not even going to hate, because homeboy can move! I wonder if he learned a thing or two from disco queen Sylvester. Seriously, don't you think so too?

He learned it from the best


gforce414 said...
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gforce414 said...

haha! i love that comparison.

but you know, i'm an advocate of dancing in all its forms, for any reason. even if it's bad and by white people.

so i'm not mad - shake it if you feel it, david.

Sofiblu said...

I endorse dancing as well! I also endorse David Gregory appearing on the next season of "Dancing with the Stars." The man has a gift.