Sunday, November 11, 2007

"This is MAJOR!"

Yes, I quoted Victoria Beckham from this week's awesome Ugly Betty episode to describe my new favorite band, Ghostland Observatory. The shoe fits. Their live show is something to be seen.

Earlier I said that Ghostland Observatory's singer Aaron Behrens was awesome. And while that is still true (homeboy really knows how to work it on stage too,) Ghostland's resident beat-master Thomas Turner totally rocks it too. Turner alternates between drums/vocoder/analog set to create the backdrop to Aaron's Freddie Mercury. No laptops in sight at the concert, just pure high energy and all live with these guys.

I love this song

Ghostland Observatory - Silver City

You can order Ghostland's two albums, Delete.Delete.I.Eat.Meat, and Paparazzi Lightning from the group's label, Amazon, or on iTunes. They are both incredible, I highly recommend. A new album will be released early next year, Aaron gave Houstonist the 411 last week.

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