Sunday, November 4, 2007

More Drama For Your Mama

By now, maybe you've seen Amy Winhouse's disastrous MTV European Music Awards performance. Maybe you haven't, but a quick Google search can fix that. Another starlette has lost their grip on reality, another tabloid headline to poke and jeer at. Despire her vacant stage presence, Winehouse really has something. I remember thinking that when I first heard this song

Amy Winehouse - Love is a Losing Game

and when I saw Winehouse earlier this year at Bowery Ballroom. It was one of her first shows in the U.S., and although she was visibly nervous/bored/or both, her booming voice commanded attention.

But even then I thought Winehouse was troubled. And even then there were the hecklers, yelling at Winehouse to 'chug her drink.' Yes, this is what the crowd was screaming at a recovering addict.

It's not an excuse, but I do believe that Winehouse has been pushed to the brink by an unrelenting public and media acting as third party enablers. Sometimes when screwing up is all that is expected of you, then screwing up is what you will do. I hope she gets real help soon.

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