Friday, November 2, 2007

Great Times Were Had

Last night, I had the most fun I've had since I moved back to town. I ended up going to the Girl Talk show, where there was actually a crowd! And everyone was hyped. Gregg Gillis' set was almost as entertaining as watching the Rice Uni kids hop up on stage and get their boogie on (McLovin was in full effect.) But I was most excited after seeing opener Busdriver perform.

It's crazy that I'd never heard of this cat before. Busdriver's Regan Farquhar is a rapper from L.A. with a crazy flow that's unstoppable. His fifth album, RoadKillOvercoat, was released earlier this year.

This is my favorite song so far

Busdriver - The Troglodyte Wins

Busdriver and Girl Talk head to Austin this weekend if you're around.

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