Monday, October 22, 2007

Oxford American 2007 Music Issue

I picked up this year's Oxford American Music Issue yesterday. OA's ninth edition of music essays and accompanying CD gathers some of the South's best music, old and new, including offerings from a forgotten 60s pre-punk band called the Zachary Thaks, early doo-woopers The Clovers, and even dirrrty south rapper David Banner.

A fantastic essay on the recent Betty Davis reissues blew me away, as did this track

Amy LaVere - Killing Him

This belle of the ball doesn't sound like the others. LaVere plays an upright bass, and her aching lyrics ride a groove that has me hooked. Not quite convinced? Another song of hers goes like this

Sitting in the kitchen at night
She'd listen to the washing machine
Wishing she could leave
But there were so many loads to clean

LaVere's song is one of the many great finds in the 2007 issue, available in select bookstores and online now.

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Emiliohm said...

I found your blog today. I really like the music you share. Thank you very much. I add you to my feedreader. Kind regards ;)