Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Since moving back to Houston, I've been following this interesting news story about a man named Ronald Gene Taylor who was wrongly convicted in a rape case. It's horrifying to believe, but evidence that could have cleared his name simply wasn't tested. After spending 14 years in prison, he was released today. He left the courthouse this afternoon as a free man with his mother and other family members, but not before leaving a few choice words for Houston's City Council.

"I was blessed enough to receive help, but there's a lot of people that can't get help. They don't have finances, they don't have anybody to help them."

"They [the HPD crime lab] have just got to do a better job. They've got to look deeper. Because I'm not mistaken, the same guy that they now say committed the crime, was the same guy that they found from the beginning. They found him from the very beginning. They just didn't go pick him up. They didn't look for him. Nothing."

A wonderful organization called the Innocence Project worked on Taylor's case since 1998. I wish Mr. Taylor the best of luck, but I also wish our justice system was more just.

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