Sunday, October 28, 2007

How To Be Good

After attending a reading by Nick Hornby from his new young adult novel SLAM, I realized many more reasons to admire this incredible writer.
To name a few:

1. Hornby has his own blog on Amazon, it's really interesting and! he appears to update it regularly
2. Am I the only person who didn’t know he wrote Fever Pitch? That Colin Firth movie-turned into-that dreadful Drew Barrymore film?
3. Hornby writes for Believer, and has released two collections of his essays for the pub
4. Two books of his that I'd never heard of before but can't wait to read; Songbird, and Speaking with the Angel, a collection of short stories he and some of his literary friends put together. The proceeds were donated to Autism charities

But most of all, he seems to be warm and kind. A man got up in the Q&A portion of the event. He was socially awkward and seemed to have forgotten the question bit of the exercise. He began telling his life story, about how after his father passed, he just wanted to be alone, and he withdrew from people. But after reading Hornby’s book, About a Boy, he found a reason to connect with the outside world and have friends again. The crowd gawked laughed at the strange man. Hornby gave a heartfelt thank you to his admirer. I thought that was nice.

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