Sunday, October 21, 2007

Colin Close

I recieved an EP from a band called Colin Close this morning. Guitarist Rob Hamer and singer Jan Staunton recorded and mixed the ambitious short set in Jan's bedroom.

Colin Close - Enough

Perhaps that is part of its intimate aesthetic, it leaves nothing to disguise the bare bones of Staunton's moral dilemma at hand. "Enough" plays out like his own inner dialogue of self-doubt, as if trying to convince himself that he can follow through, and that yes, he does in fact have a backbone. The unfinished guitar phrase at the end leaves it up in the air. Did he convince himself that he can finish what he's started? Either way, it's lovely to listen to.

You can buy the EP on their site.


Hunter Wry said...

this song is beautiful

Fruit said...

Hey there, its Jan here :)

Cheers for the lovely sentiment! and thank you very kindly for the mention on your blog!

Cheers again! My life is a stereo is a friend of Fruit Soup! :)