Thursday, September 6, 2007

Who Is This Pretty Young Thing?

hubba hubba.

So I had this thing called Site Meter on this blog for a day or two, but I opted to remove it just now. Not sure if this violates an ethical code of blogging, but two things I have learned from this social experiment; people sure do like Feist (can't blame you, I love her lots too), and Google searches can be hilarious.

Apparently, many people searching for the meaning of the acronym P.Y.T. come to My Life is a Stereo looking for the answer. "What is a P.Y.T.?" someone typed.

I will not judge. Perhaps it is not your fault that you are unfamiliar with Michael Jackson's monster hits and stud-muffin looks from the 80's. Perhaps you grew up in a town or place where "Thriller" only meant a genre of movie or book. Or the local amusement park's wooden roller coaster ride. I will not judge.

But my! How you've missed out on one of the most beautiful pop songs in all the years! I welcome you to a listen

Michael Jackson - P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)

Those power-house synths didn't just show up on the new Kanye West/T-Pain joint by themselves. They were born in another time and place, just like MJ's silver glove. He had me at 'Tenderoni.' So romantic, that Michael is.

Find a spot that's playing some funky soul this evening, and be sure to "dance the night away." It's a Friday, you know you want to.

And in all of that, in case you missed it, P.Y.T. stands for Pretty Young Thing :)

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