Saturday, September 15, 2007

Somehow I'm Not Impressed

I wish I had bells and whistles for you. This is my 100th post after all. But I don't. Last night's Interpol show at the Garden was a bust.

The first half of the show was miserable. Openers The Liars and Cat Power were all wrong for both the venue and the crowd. The crowd. Yes, the immature belligerent drunk boys were quite annoying. But I can't hate the fact that Interpol's music is reaching so many people. This is probably what they've dreamed of, their shot at the big time.

Interpol sounded terrific. The show went more like a grand sponsored listening party for a few thousand of your closest strangers than an actual concert.
"Thank you, thank you so much," Paul would say intermittently. I think it was more relief than gratitude, like 'We didn't fuck this up, people actually showed! Alright! High five y'all.' But what am I saying, these dudes don't even speak to each other.

Carlos D. is such a rock star. I wonder if he practices in the mirror, that guitar flip thing he does, awesome.

Pitchfork has some great pictures from a show the fellas did in Boston, as well as a fun interview with Paul Banks, where he declares that drummer Sam Fogarino is "the shit." Yes indeed, that drum solo at the end of the show twas fantastic.

I'm so glad they played a lot of songs from Turn on the Bright Lights, still one of my fave records. This is one of the tunes they played during an encore (TWO encores! Check Hunter for zee set list.)

Interpol - NYC

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