Saturday, September 8, 2007

Ra Ra!

Hunter invited me along to see the Editors with her last night at Webster Hall. It was my first time at the venue, and an aside, but, why does everyone hate on Webster? It is that lame night club after-hours, and security is supposedly strict about flash photography, but I didn't mind it.

Last night was one of those shows that I didn't really know what to expect. I must confess I knew all of two Editors songs prior, but sometimes it's cool to see a band live for the first time without knowing much of their material. Sometimes. I'm so glad I got to see Ra Ra Riot again!

I can't get over how great Ra Ra was! They performed a much tighter set than the last time I saw them, everyone sounded terrific. And there was soooo much energy from the crowd for Ra Ra's amazing opening act.

Yeti Don't Dance did an interview with guitarist Milo Bonacci not too long ago, and you can download a fun (and currently un-released) remix of "Each Year" over at Pitchfork.

A hard rock group from Scotland called Biffy Clyro was up next. Can't say they are my cup of tea, but I can certainly appreciate how talented they are. Apparently their most recent album, Puzzle, is a drastic departure from their usual edgier sound. It's true, I can see songs like "Machines" and "Love Has A Diameter" (which I couldn't find anywhere!) becoming huge hits on the alternative rock stations.

The Editors put on a very entertaining show. It's always nice to be pleasantly surprised, and I was. It's too funny how lead singer Tom Smith is played up to be some sort of rock dreamboat. They had the spotlight on him the entire night, and every time he moved to different parts of the stage, you could hear the girls (okay, myself included) in the crowd scream "OOOOH!"


I came home and fooled around on iTunes looking for all of the songs I liked, but the recordings sound very different from the live performance... I don't think I like them as much.

I do, however, enjoy this B-Side that the band played during the encore.

Editors - You Are Fading

And you might as well make a bologna sandwich out of those Interpol comparisons. Yes, many a pasty male has a nasally voice, but that's simply where the similarities end really. "Be more constructive with ya feedback please."

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