Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Make You Do A Double Take

I'm supposed to be doing work for work at the moment and I will

I will!

But I just discovered a remix of one of my faaaaavorite Ra Ra songs left here by a fellow named Andrew.

Ra Ra Riot - Ghost Under Rocks (Da Remix)

I'm feeling it. Lifting the vocals out from under the dense strings certainly takes the song in a completely different direction. oooOOAAaaahooooo! carries a new intention. The ghosts come out to haunt.

But wait! There's more!

Apparently Andrew is in an upstate band of his own called the Magic Hour (my apologies if I'm totally blowing up your spot, but I must, you guys are terrific.) Lead singer Sterling Proffer is an inquisitive young man. "Where do you go to be alone?"

"Are you feeling kind of tired of me?" he wonders next.

Seemingly insecure, but he isn't. Proffer and co. have this thing down, making melody-driven songs with a steady assuredness.

And they don't even have a record deal. Oh my my.

I highly recommend checking the EP. Fresh. To. Death.

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