Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Have You Seen These Kids? Vol. 2

Sitting on a bench in the sun during my lunch hour yesterday, I started to think about ‘sitting on a bench in the sun’-type songs. A band called Pilate came to mind.

I found out about these guys from my favorite college radio station. The first time I heard "Into Your Hideout," it filled my heart with glee.

Pilot Speed - Into Your Hideout

Lead singer Todd Clark's best Bono impersonation and the shimmering guitars did me in. Oh how my ears were elated.

I hadn't heard about Pilate in awhile and decided to see what was up. I looked online yesterday and to my surprise their name isn't Pilate anymore, it's Pilot Speed. And they released what appears to be a very exciting album called “Into the West” last year.

Here's a newer track that I discovered yesterday

Pilot Speed - Knife-Grey Sea

I think my favorite will always be "Alright." It’s such a lovely song, and it comes with an even lovelier video.

Pilot Speed is currently touring around Canada in support of “Into the West.” Hmmm, I wonder if we can bribe them to cross the border again with Hunter’s awesome cupcakes?

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