Monday, September 10, 2007

Goodbye Sound Team

Gorilla vs Bear informs that Sound Team has broken up. I've been listening to them all evening. I remember being so excited when I first heard this song.

Sound Team - Don't Turn Away

There's so much going on. It's a slow start that fools even the most trained ear into following a singular direction; the kick drum, Matt Oliver's voice. Pretty soon you learn to leave it up to the Team, layer upon layer work to create an atmospheric sound that surrounds.

I have yet to read the infamous Pitchfork review. I don't think I care to. Sometimes I think music journalism is the most subjective thing there is (well, falling short of politics, though ever so slightly.)

Good bye and good luck Sound Team. You will be missed.

Read Bill Baird's official goodbye on his blog.

Sound Team did an amazing set at Woxy last spring.

Their first trip to Daytrotter was pretty rad too

I Guess I'm Floating posted a new song awhile back that was supposed to be a teaser for their new record.

And here's a short film for another great song, "The Fastest Man Alive."

"Cos I can get along with anybody as long as you leave me alone"

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