Thursday, September 6, 2007


Manu Chao may have released what could be his biggest album to date this week, but I've only begun to fall in love with an older record of his, Clandestino. It happened when Hunter and I accidentally stumbled upon this awesome vintage store about a month ago. I had to ask the clerk what Manu Chao CD they were playing (even knowing a couple of his songs, that voice is so recognizable.)

“Clandestino” is a fantastic record. Each song flows into the next so well, it feels like a long trip from home, to all the places far and between. Sometimes Manu takes his time getting his point across, other times he works it into a frenzy of congas and horns. I really like the conversational tone of it all, sounds reminiscent of old transistor radio signals fade in and out of the recording. I also marvel at the meshing of languages. The world isn’t a melting pot, but it all seems to meet in Manu’s words and music.

It’s not all a party, one of my choice songs is a sad love song for Mother Earth.

Manu Chao – Por El Suelo

iTunes surprisingly doesn’t have Clandestino in stock, but you can download a copy of Manu's latest, La Radiolina, there.

I’ll get around to listening to La Radiolina eventually, I think I like the first single already.

Manu Chao - Rainin in Paradize

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