Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Because I Love It

So there’s been a lot of noise surrounding a certain Ms. Spears with the release of her new singles lately. Hell, even I grew curious, telling my friends to listen to the disaster that is "Gimme More" almost entirely for the part where Britney screams, “It’s Britney Bitches!!!” Love it.

I don’t love it because it’s good music. It isn't. Homegirl still can not sing, and although the beats and production are definitely on point, there really isn’t much substance to the songs and they feel a bit uninspired. And yet the songs have been all over the radio airwaves and the internet. Does this surprise me? No, it’s sensational and yet another window with which to peer into Britney’s curious new life.

I bring this up to compare the spotlight Britney is receiving for releasing two feeble singles to the attention surrounding another pop star who has been gone from the scene for awhile and is chancing it for a comeback. I’ve been digging several of Amerie’s leaked tracks from her forthcoming “Because I Love It” for quite some time now. I read a review of the record on Pitchfork last week, not realizing that it was for the album’s release in Asia. It pains me to say that her album still hasn’t been released in the States, and from a recent Ask Billboard, it appears that won’t happen until early next year (yikes!)

Until then, take a listen to the album’s first single called “Take Control,” which is still everywhere on the internet. My personal favorite is “Crazy Wonderful.” I remember hearing this jam last winter, it’s a damn good track

Amerie – Crazy Wonderful

Ms. Spears’ record will probably be released as soon as she gets around to recording 8 more tracks. “Because I Love It” is a great pop album that needs to be heard right now.

Funny how that works.

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Hunter Wry said...

What? Britney and crew belching Gimmee Mooooaoaaoaorrrr doesn't make your heart flutter?

I think Pepto just got itself a new spokesperson(!)