Wednesday, September 19, 2007

43 Things

Came across this website called 43 Things yesterday. After setting up an account, you can post your to-do list of life goals for all the world wide web to see. “Start my own business” and “eat healthier” are popular goals. “Move to New York” is a big one too. It’s a fascinating social exercise, sharing your hopes and dreams with complete strangers. You can even “cheer” people on as they work to achieve their lists.

Declarations become all the more powerful in written form, and maybe a quasi-anonymous setting allows people to be more truthful with themselves and what they want out of life.

So far, I've listed 6 things that I want to do. Aside from my lifelong goals of finally dressing up for Halloween (will 2007 be the year?!) and traveling around the world, one thing goes without saying.

I want to live the heck out of life. I want to live it out.

Metric – Live It Out

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