Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Two Things

I have a new work-time obsession, and that is reading a blog by a Glamour Magazine writer named Christine Coppa. The blog is called Storked! and chronicles Coppa's journey from unexpectedly becoming pregnant at 26 years old right on to the day her little boy is to be born (The countdown is currently around ten days!) So many things about Coppa's life story seem worlds apart from mine, but I can definitely relate to the whole-things not turning out according to 'plan'-bit of it. Even if you have the financial assistance of your parents and your entire family's love and support, being a single mother is tough, and I wish her all the best.

Today Christine talked about pregnant food cravings. Have I really been sucked into this complete stranger's world? The answer is yes.


The Times' Paper Cuts blog has some interesting suggestions for books to read during long commutes. The need to read on my journey back and forth into the city comes in waves. Currently I'm much more inclined to listen to music and sleep.

What's the best music for long commutes? The Bends is the perfect CD to listen to on a train, plane, or automobile ride for me, how about you?

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