Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Public Enemy #1?

For the last few months, I've read a number of articles about a woman named Elvira Arellano. The Mexican-born single mother tirelessly fought for immigrant rights in her adopted hometown of Chicago. She was also in the States illegally and sought refuge in a Chicago church for over a year to avoid deportation.

While on a speaking tour of churches across the country this weekend, Arellano was forced to leave the United States. She was escorted across the border into Tijuana. Her eight year old son, Saul, is a U.S. citizen and remains in Chicago.

Seeing as to how we refuse to discuss the economic strife and instability that immigrants, legal or not, desperately seek to escape by setting up residence in the U.S., I will say that I can't understand how separating a single mother from her child will strengthen our economy or our national security. Something tells me we have bigger fish to fry, no?

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