Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Oh My God

I can’t believe it.

Mark Ronson - Oh My God feat. Lily Allen

I’ve become close to a young lady at the magazine, even though she works in a completely different department. Well, there aren’t too many people who look like we do in the office, I guess that’s how we found each other. She really helped me during a rough day at work, the day that I just wanted to walk through those double doors and never return. She was a great comfort.

Today it seems I have returned the favor. My friend stopped by my desk to tell me of some hardships she was facing in the office.

She was so composed in our discussion. I am so proud.

After we talked, I was beyond livid. I ran out of the building to walk off my anger. To cry, to scream for my friend, for all of us.

If any of you have ever faced discrimination at your work place, I’m not even sure if you can take solace in the fact that you are not alone. But you are not alone. You are also, as we all are, so much better than this. I told my friend that whatever the outcome, she’ll come out on top, and better for it. I know this.

Don’t let this eat you alive. This isn’t all there is, and it doesn't determine or undermine your self-worth. We were all meant for so much more.

Knock me down and I’ll get right back up again
I’ll come back stronger than a powered-up Pac Man

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ThatDeborahGirl said...

Found your blog through hype machine. I absolutely love Lily Allen.

I've faced so much discrimination on jobs it would truly make you weep. Sad part was, most people really didn't understand just how awful they were being.

They were the norm - I was other. Anything I did was always under scrutiny and anything they did, no matter how dreadful, rude, off-color, bigoted, and outlandishly discriminatory could always be explained by: he's a good guy - you just don't understand him. She didn't mean anything - if you knew her, you'd see that.

The problem was, I was never going to get to know them and they sure as hell couldn't have cared less about getting to know me.

In job situations like this, it's best to keep a low profile, play office politics as well as you can to keep your job and first and foremost: NEVER STOP LOOKING FOR SOMEPLACE ELSE TO WORK and NEVER tell ANYONE at your current job that you're looking. People mean well but they just CANNOT keep secrets.

No job is worth wrecking your self-esteem, your life, your health or your sanity. And once you start accepting dings in the first, the rest follow quickly. You'd be surprised how many illnesses can be related to stress.

Work there only as long it takes you to find something else.