Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Just Like The Weather

Lately I've been allowing myself to go to that place, playing a losing game of what-ifs in my head. "But you've always been so positive!" a good friend wondered. Another wrote it off as a 'case of the Mondays.'

Except, it's Tuesday now.

I've just about given up on the idea of a plan or sense of direction to my life at the moment. Well then, just go with the flow. That's always been such an arbitrary phrase, as if we ever have a choice. I'll snap out of it as I usually do, but you know what to expect, and yet you never expect this.

Guster - Homecoming King

I heard this song on my daily lunch hour excursion today, I forgot how good it is, and very appropriate for the times. Keep it Together is a great record, I reviewed it in college. And these guys put on a tremendous live show.

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Hunter Wry said...

It's a case of life my dear.