Thursday, August 30, 2007

I Love Ms. Leslie Feist

‘Tis true. The lady has won my heart. Last night’s performance was one of the better live shows I’ve seen in awhile.

Truth be told, I wasn’t wowed by Grizzly Bear or Broken Social Scene. In fact, Hunter and I sat at the pool’s edge while I scarfed down a hot dog during Grizzly’s performance. It was all pleasant… and I wish I could say more, but I got nothing. Sorry. Another thing, I’m not sure I like McCarren Pool for a concert venue all that much. It’ll do for a free show, but not when I’m paying money.

Kevin Drew and his crew (I couldn’t resist!) tested out new material from his upcoming album on us. I don’t know, I wasn’t really feeling it. And I don’t think all of the Broken Social fans in the audience were very keen on it either, they kept yelling “Windsurfing Nation!” and other classics for the band to play instead.

Feist burst onto the stage during her boyfriend’s final song, Major Label Debut. I remember liking this song in college. I guess this is my favorite Broken Social Scene song.

Broken Social Scene – Major Label Debut

What can be said about Feist’s set. She’s adorable for one thing, and does this jittery bionic-like movement when working a guitar solo. Her lovely voice also sounds exactly like her recordings, and it was refreshing to hear her tales of yesteryear, driving minivans across the border to play shows in cramped Brooklyn living rooms. I guess you could say she's done quite well for herself, cracking the Billboard top 20 with The Reminder and filling an abandoned swimming pool with five thousand people.

She also happened to play my favorite Feist song of the moment, among many of her other great tunes.

Feist - Let It Die

I think I fell in love with her lyrics even more. I wonder how much of her tales of heartbreak and struggle are auto-biographical or dreamed up inside her head. It would be great to know more about her songwriting process (is there an interview out there?)

Before leaving us one last time, Ms. Feist wished us all a happy autumn, something I could use and believe in.

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