Friday, August 10, 2007

Fort Nightly

Last night I checked out The Cribs at the Bowery Ballroom. Hunter Wry and I were front and center to see the Jarman brothers for a bit, but we just couldn’t take it.

The night's lessons boys and girls:
1. Cribs’ fans are absolutely crazy.
2. Bowery Ballroom security is practically non-existent. Until someone gets elbowed in the eye and there’s a bloody mess. I’m just sayin’.
3. Guitarist Ryan Jarman’s fly was open for the entire night.
4. Guitarist Ryan Jarman was also piss-drunk, which might explain the open fly, but doesn’t explain his great guitar work in spite of it. Not my favorite, but these guys do put on a proper live show.
5. White Rabbits are awesome.

I finally discovered what all the fuss around the White Rabbits is about. I haven’t been this excited about a band in awhile. They’ve got a fantastic rhythm section; two drum sets, a rocking keyboardist who has a penchant for banging on a drum himself (and! reminds me of the dude from Jack's Mannequin and Something Corporate! Agree?), I was in heaven. I think these fellows are going to blow up. Real soon.

The band opened with this roaring number

White Rabbits - Kid On My Shoulder

This is the song the boys played on Letterman recently and another early favorite of mine

White Rabbits - The Plot

The rabbits ended their set with a riotous version of “Maggie’s Farm.” It was pretty swell. Next up the guys are doing an in-store at Soundfix in Brooklyn, and after that they’re set to open for the Kaiser Chiefs in September. That’s the word.

Oh, and do buy White Rabbits' album, Fort Nightly. It is a solid gold hit.


bug said...

all i remember from last night's movie is your laughter

Hunter Wry said...

Ryan Jarman is almost always piss drunk. Even when he's sober, you think he's drunk. I'm convinced the man runs on alcohol because his one guitar backed up by his brothers' bass & drum work, elicits the frenzied response we witnessed that night.