Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Edge of Brooklyn

Yesterday afternoon I made it out to the edge of Brooklyn for Zune Live at the BBQ, a cross country hip hop music event hosted by Microsoft that started in LA and ended in my very own backyard.

If you didn't hear about it, all good, it wasn't advertised, I myself heard about it from a friend, and the band shell looked like a ghost town for most of the night. An aside but, how is such a low turnout going to do anything for Microsoft's marketing? I would think that being more visible would have worked in their favor. And truth be told, my girlfriends and I had a blast, but I still don't want a Zune mp3 player. Not that I minded. It made for a personal touch, like the brilliant sunset behind the Manhattan skyline and the Brooklyn Bridge was just for us.

The first act I recognized was the Clipse. Although I'm not a hip hop head, I have to say I do enjoy some Pusha-T and Malice, their wordplay is a special something.

This was one of the numbers that got the crowd hyped.
Clipse - Mr. Me Too

Next was the Lox and... wait is that JadaKiss?! We totally bum-rushed the stage after that realization. He closed out the set with his ubiquitous "Why?" hit, that song where he opines, "Why the whole world love my voice?" Why?

I made it through the Brand Nubians' set, and though I would have stayed for the super extra guest of the night, a Mr. LL Cool J, (oh yes), the booze got to me a little. Word to the wise, when you are spending hours on end in the sun and are feeling mildly dehydrated, do not opt for beer instead of water, it will be the end of you.

Feeling much better now.

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