Saturday, August 4, 2007

Common Sense

My roommate let me borrow her new Common album. Been listening to it for the last hour and, some initial reactions; the track with Lily Allen vocals is a bit underwhelming, and Kanye's exec producing works when he is quiet (a track called "Southside" screams Mr. West! and not in a good way.) "Black Maybe" is raw and powerful, Bilal guests, and Common as always brings the real. D'Angelo says hello on a track called "So Far to Go" (it sure has been a minute), sounding great as ever despite his recent troubles.

I think my early favorite is "I Want You." But how could I possibly enjoy a song that references Jen and Vince Vaughn? WillIAm's night-prowl beat that's how, his midnight pleads bode well in between Common's tight verses.

Common feat. WillIAm - I Want You

Who does he want? The entire album seems to be an ode to a relationship getting off to a rocky start desperately on the outs. I imagine the premise of the lyrics, hanging up on a phone conversation that didn't go so well, stubborn pride inevitably delaying the call back to apologize.

Finding Forever is out now.

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