Sunday, August 5, 2007

Ain't No Party Like A Pool Party

Ventured out to Billysburg this afternoon to see Blonde Redhead at McCarren Pool. On my way to meet Hunter Wry, I randomly ran into the TA from this drawing class I took during college. We exchanged mild pleasantries, going over the usual surface topics. Turns out we both graduated last year. She's from Florida, Tampa area, she said. I told her I'm from Texas. We agreed that it's nice to be able to get away. We both live in Brooklyn, she's a painter although she watches a six-month old baby to make extra bucks. I told her I wish I majored in art in school, and I'm now slumming it at a magazine. "Life can be hectic here," she said. I agreed.

We finally made it to the show, which was great, despite our late arrival. Kazu actually spoke to the audience this time, admitting to tossing back a few prior to the show, and expressing her relief to be back in the States after touring in Japan. To be among us, who she called, "freaks like me."

They played a lot of tracks from 23, including this song during the encore.

Blonde Redhead - Silently

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