Sunday, August 26, 2007

After The Jump Fest

Yesterday, Hunter and I ventured out into industrial wasteland for the After the Jump Fest at Studio B. The show was held for a very noble cause, music education in public schools.
The first act we saw was Locksley. They're more rockabilly than British invasion to me, although it's obvious that the latter is what they aspire to be. The lead singer worked the crowd in between songs, he's a funny guy.

We were really curious to see Ra Ra Riot. And I have to say they're stage show is great. More so than their excellent musicianship, the band's apparent genuine affinity for one another is a joy to watch. Sure it's possible for a group of professionals to make music together as say, Interpol, but it definitely looks funner when you're all friends. They also appear to really enjoy the material they played, all of the other band members mouthed along to the words which I thought was really sweet.

Two songs that I particularly enjoyed unfortunately have not been recorded yet. A song that cries "We can have it all!" and another called "St. Peter's Day Festival" written by the group's late drummer, John Pike. Well, it gives me something to look forward to, can't wait for their full-length to surface.

Upon closer listen to the EP, I found some of the lyrics to be rather obtuse, but lush arrangements make up for the lack of dimension to some of their songs (seriously, I don't know how many times the word "night" appears in "Each Year.")

"Ghost Under Rocks" surprises, a lovely composition of epic proportions. The "soaking wet dreams" build up and swell to the whys and chorus, it's fantastic.

Ra Ra Riot - Ghost Under Rocks

A Manner To Act is also brilliant.

Ra Ra Riot - A Manner to Act

And isn't this girl's cello awesome?!

Both the cellist and violinist were at the merchandise booth after the show and they seem really chill, something I think I can say about the entire band, I wish them all well.

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